Floriade Expo

Coming new in 2022

Growing Green Cities

Beginning in the spring of 2022 the seventh International Horticultural Expo, Floriade Expo 2022, will take placed in Almere, Netherlands.
Themed Growing Green Cities, the Expo will focus on the Green City of the future for six months, between April and October 2022. The Floriade site will be a living laboratory with inspired exhibitions from counties, cities, and innovative businesses. With fascinating attractions, art and culture, and extravagant displays of trees, shrubs and flowers, this ground-breaking Expo will give you a glimpse at the self-sustaining cities of tomorrow.

The theme Growing Green Cities is now more significant than ever before. At this moment it is estimated that of the 7 billion inhabitants on earth, 50% live in cities – and, by 2050 this will rise to nearly 70%. Thus, to remain safe, healthy, and thrive, cities have to develop more sustainable, green solutions – solutions which will be on show in Almere at the 2022 Expo.

On a selection of our Emerald Waterways Rhine itineraries you can visit this incredible Expo, and enjoy the perfect day out, with an educational touch, for groups of all ages.

The International Horticultural Expo is held once every ten years. As mentioned, 2022’s special seventh edition will focus fully on the Green City of the Future, and the following four themes will play a leading part;
  • Green
    Parks, vertical gardens, and lots of green in the streets: that is how to make cities more striking and adaptable
  • Food
    Showcasing the latest ideas for satisfactory, healthy, and reasonable food. And the ideas that are available for food protection and maintainable food production
  • Energy
    Renewable energy is essential for fast-paced city life. Find the most open-minded answers and creations
  • Health
    Without clean air, clean water, and clean soil, there is no clean living environment. How can food, exercise, flowers, plants, and trees help you and the city?

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